Growth through BIM

Greetings earthlings. I know I know. There’s just too much to read about BIM, too many books, stuff on the web, conferences , meetings, groups, and all sorts of stuff going on. Anyway, if you only read one book on BIM this month, or even this year, then read this: “Growth through BIM”, by Richard […]

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Awesome BIM

I attended the RICS BIM conference in London this week, and there were some excellent presentations, which were getting beyond the usual fare we’ve had for the last year. We’re beginning to see HOW BIM ┬áis actually applied rather than just talking about it. Dirk Krolikowski of Rogers Stirk Habour presented about Digital Protyping and […]

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2013 – BIM or BUST???

Greetings earthlings! And a happy, prosperous, peaceful and joyful New Year to all the gentle folk that read this and ..(everyone who knows me!) Anyway a few predictions for 2013 about “BIM in the UK” ( sounds like a song title, perhaps written and performed by David Philp and the Bimsters!) Watch out for… BIM […]

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Customer service and focus Recently I’ve been struck by some really good examples of customer service……. Firstly I needed a grub screw for a door handle – I went to a hardware store in Brighton – I showed the guy behind the counter the door handle, he disappeared for about 10 minutes , found some […]

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