A #BIM #DM Christmas wish…..

Well we made it! It gets to this time of year and having survived the burst of frenetic activity that December brings, we are suddenly confronted by a few days when we have to slow down and contemplate our navels…its almost compulsory! So what next? Here are a few of my wishes/come/predictions for 2014. Nature […]

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We need to keep talking about BIM!

Joey Gardiner has written an article in Building, discussing the recent postings related to Tony Bingham’s article. You can see it here: http://www.building.co.uk/communities/construction/bim/barriers-to-bim/5064486.article#commentsubmitted My response is below: We need to keep talking about BIM…. Well the debate continues……great, bring it on! Firstly I’m just wondering where this scaremongering and scepticism is really coming from? Certainly early […]

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Silos, tribes, ants and bees…

At various meetings, the thorny subject of education and training of construction professionals often comes up. There is always recognition we need change. The issue is that it will take a long time for the institutions to respond at the speed we need. At this rate China will just come over here and do it […]

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