Gimme a U…Gimme a K…Ra! Ra! Ra!

My my! Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun and changing an industry….! Two years ago we launched the UK BIM Alliance, To focus on Level 2 Business As Usual and the digital transformation of our industry. A good thing. And much time passed…We are still here! We launched at DCW – Digital Construction Week […]

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There’s been a very interesting convo on LinkedIn this week, you need to catch up with this! My personal HT Hat Tip to Paul Swaddle at NBS for taking the initiative here. You can checkout the string on the LinkedIn screenshot below: If you want to sign up and support check out Paul Swaddle’s convo. […]

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Don’t listen to us…

I know you’re not listening. There’s a change happening. It is affecting everything we do. Lives, careers, businesses. Prediction? Careers will be transformed. Businesses will experience previously unimaginable efficiency and profitability. In contrast, some careers will come to a halt or take a forced change of direction. And some businesses will no longer to be able to […]

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