The scene is the roof of the tower block where The Matrix agents are hlding Morpheus prisoner – Neo lies prone on the ground, an agent towering over him, gun pointed ready for the kill. Neo had dodged most of the bullets in the battle using his nascent abilities but his belief had failed with […]

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The Millennial Dilemma

I attended Digital Construction Week at Excel in London a few weeks back. Amazing how the show has grown and developed over the last few years. I was struck by the number, breadth and depth of exhibitors there. Covering all aspects of digital across the Built Environment. I wondered how many of these firms existed […]

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The future of VR

If you haven’t come across Jaron Lanier yet, I suggest you do! His career goes right back to the early days of BIM related VR/AR and I like his thinking and approach precisely because he challenges the status quo, and set patterns of rigid parochialism and hierarchies. Try his other books “Who owns the future?” […]

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