Our future is so bright – our ducks need shades!!

GO ECO DUCKS!!! If you haven’t come across this yet, check this out….Class Of Your Own, Design Engineer Construct…http://designengineerconstruct.com This is an initiative for young people started by Alison Watson, to enthuse and teach about careers in the built environment industry. I attended my first workshop at Clacton Coastal Academy (Now sponsored by the RICS) ….http://www.clactoncoastalacademy.org […]

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BIM Or BUST – Part II.

 “2013 BIM or BUST? – The new normal and a digital construction industry in the UK…Or – BIM as a focus and catalyst for industrial and societal evolution” (Note to the gentle reader – this is an expanded version of a previous post – J)  Introduction BIM or Building Information Modelling has become a hot […]

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there’s nowt so queer as folk……

So they say up t’ north! We’re obsessed with process, our check lists, handbooks, maps, spreadsheets, manuals and technology, software, hardware, gadgets, gizmos. And yet we forget, it’s people that make things work, that put buildings together. A computer left to its own devices won’t quite cut it. It doesn’t have opposable thumbs (!) although […]

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