The BIG BIM Launch…

The BIM “Big Launch” – 28th February 2013 – Guidance and links Building Information Modelling (BIM) has become a hot topic in the industry. Whilst the technology and jargon can make BIM confusing, fundamentally it is about construction and information management in a digital environment that encompasses the whole built asset lifecycle. In 2011 the […]

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BIM Or BUST – Part II.

 “2013 BIM or BUST? – The new normal and a digital construction industry in the UK…Or – BIM as a focus and catalyst for industrial and societal evolution” (Note to the gentle reader – this is an expanded version of a previous post – J)  Introduction BIM or Building Information Modelling has become a hot […]

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Go BIM or go home!

So said Laura Handler, Director of VDC* (what’s that!!??) of Tocci at the Autodesk conference yesterday in London. I found Laura’s presentation and her approach at the seminar on BIM adoption jaw droppingly inspiring. Admittedly their BIM journey began several years ago in the States, so nothing new there. But get this. This a major […]

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The BIM train……

has left the station……… Attended a few meetings recently such as a SECBE conference for supply chain, the BSI B555 meeting and the latest CIC BIM forum. It was clear to me how much progress has been made even in just a few months, with the Ministry of Justice pilot projects starting, the BIM process […]

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Update on CIOB Design Management

 “Design Managers do it by connecting!” Over the last twelve months we’ve had a working group on Design Management meeting occasionally. The group has arisen out of discussions that we’d been having on the board of the Faculty of Architecture and Surveying about Design Management. Composition of the group is quite diverse including industry professionals, […]

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there’s nowt so queer as folk……

So they say up t’ north! We’re obsessed with process, our check lists, handbooks, maps, spreadsheets, manuals and technology, software, hardware, gadgets, gizmos. And yet we forget, it’s people that make things work, that put buildings together. A computer left to its own devices won’t quite cut it. It doesn’t have opposable thumbs (!) although […]

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