Lean meets car wash….

Had my car washed last week. D+T in Leatherhead, you might know them, just off junction 9 of the M25. A little plug here, but I don’t mind, I’ll tell you why. #excellencecomesasstandard That’s what these guys do. Every time. No ifs buts or cream cheese. They do the business. They are to car washing […]

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RegionalBIMHUBS – Alive and kicking, kicking and screaming…etc…etc…etc…

This is in response to a question, or more accurately just a comment… “Are the Hubs continuing?” DEFINITELY! The rumours of our demise are somewhat premature. It has been my privilege to be involved in a couple of meetings of the BIM Hub Champs recently. I don’t think I’ve been in a more positive, enthused, […]

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“Life, the Universe, and Everything. And the omniscient omnipresent Being said……..Let there be BIM!” (And no…it’s not the Philpster!) Of course as we all know 42 is really the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything…(Douglas Adams) “The number 42 is, in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, “The Answer to the […]

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BIM – What’s the risk?

I almost said what’s the fuss? Attended a great meeting at G4C Berkshire this week at the offices of Boyes Turner LLP in Reading. Myself , Ewan Maclean and Fred Mils of The B1M fame were speaking, presenting different perspectives on the risk of BIM. Whilst we had quite a detailed review of what can […]

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