Growth through BIM

Greetings earthlings. I know I know. There’s just too much to read about BIM, too many books, stuff on the web, conferences , meetings, groups, and all sorts of stuff going on. Anyway, if you only read one book on BIM this month, or even this year, then read this: “Growth through BIM”, by Richard […]

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2013 – BIM or BUST???

Greetings earthlings! And a happy, prosperous, peaceful and joyful New Year to all the gentle folk that read this and ..(everyone who knows me!) Anyway a few predictions for 2013 about “BIM in the UK” ( sounds like a song title, perhaps written and performed by David Philp and the Bimsters!) Watch out for… BIM […]

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Go BIM or go home!

So said Laura Handler, Director of VDC* (what’s that!!??) of Tocci at the Autodesk conference yesterday in London. I found Laura’s presentation and her approach at the seminar on BIM adoption jaw droppingly inspiring. Admittedly their BIM journey began several years ago in the States, so nothing new there. But get this. This a major […]

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BIM and DM

For me one thing that became clear from the conference was the link between Design Management and BIM. This is as I know is a reoccurring theme, but I don’t think we can avoid it – shall we tell the children? However BIM isn’t DM, and neither is DM – BIM. We could argue that […]

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