We need to keep talking about BIM!

Joey Gardiner has written an article in Building, discussing the recent postings related to Tony Bingham’s article. You can see it here: http://www.building.co.uk/communities/construction/bim/barriers-to-bim/5064486.article#commentsubmitted My response is below: We need to keep talking about BIM…. Well the debate continues……great, bring it on! Firstly I’m just wondering where this scaremongering and scepticism is really coming from? Certainly early […]

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BIM – What’s the risk?

I almost said what’s the fuss? Attended a great meeting at G4C Berkshire this week at the offices of Boyes Turner LLP in Reading. Myself , Ewan Maclean and Fred Mils of The B1M fame were speaking, presenting different perspectives on the risk of BIM. Whilst we had quite a detailed review of what can […]

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Awesome BIM

I attended the RICS BIM conference in London this week, and there were some excellent presentations, which were getting beyond the usual fare we’ve had for the last year. We’re beginning to see HOW BIM  is actually applied rather than just talking about it. Dirk Krolikowski of Rogers Stirk Habour presented about Digital Protyping and […]

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BIM Or BUST – Part II.

 “2013 BIM or BUST? – The new normal and a digital construction industry in the UK…Or – BIM as a focus and catalyst for industrial and societal evolution” (Note to the gentle reader – this is an expanded version of a previous post – J)  Introduction BIM or Building Information Modelling has become a hot […]

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Go BIM or go home!

So said Laura Handler, Director of VDC* (what’s that!!??) of Tocci at the Autodesk conference yesterday in London. I found Laura’s presentation and her approach at the seminar on BIM adoption jaw droppingly inspiring. Admittedly their BIM journey began several years ago in the States, so nothing new there. But get this. This a major […]

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