Heriot Watt report shows clear evidence of the benefit of Design Engineer Construct!

“Heriot Watt University fully supports the DEC initiative and are delighted to participate. Our staff and students involved have been blown away by the responses from pupils. Working with the young talented pupils at Drummond High School has been inspirational for all involved. Developing their knowledge of the various roles undertaken in the built environment is […]

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You may or may not be aware that our beloved UK suite of BIM standards, the 1192 series are gradually migrating to the ISO 19650, firstly parts 1 and 2 later this year. They have served us well, but time to move on to a bigger stage and the next phase of the journey. The […]

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Digital life 2018 Digital transformation is perhaps a rather esoteric concept. It’s all out there isn’t it? It’s for other people. It concerns them, their business, but in reality is all this really going to affect me in anyway at all? We are all in heads down mode, trying to make a crust, keep business […]

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Alison Watson MBE

So…..first blog of the year goes to my great friend Alison Watson. Alison has just awarded the MBE for her tireless work in the education sector with Class Of Your Own and DEC! Details here.https://designengineerconstruct.com I’ve known Alison for several years know and been involved in COYO. Her drive, passion, determination, vision and sometimes sheer […]

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