Open blog request to the CIOB*

*I’ve never done this before but I don’t see why not?! This is me tilting at windmills but you never know. But hey! Just call me Don. (Get it? ;O)) I had a bit of a rant in my recent  Vagina Chronicles.The Vagina Chronicles: Chapter 8 – “The Integration Conundrum” About the upcoming CIOB’s Digital […]

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On the BBC website today, worth a look: BBC Gender Pay Gap animation I am a white middle to late aged professional man. So I have an inbuilt bias and I recognise that. I haven’t experienced discrimination on the basis of my sex, orientation or ethnicity. In fact probably the opposite! There will be those […]

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There’s been a very interesting convo on LinkedIn this week, you need to catch up with this! My personal HT Hat Tip to Paul Swaddle at NBS for taking the initiative here. You can checkout the string on the LinkedIn screenshot below: If you want to sign up and support check out Paul Swaddle’s convo. […]

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No more women’s awards……?

Several weeks ago now I had the privilege of attending the Women in Construction awards in Manchester. It was a superb evening, and great to see so many exceptional women from our industry applauded for their leadership, expertise and commitment. Now ….gender diversity is a touchy subject, I accept that. There are no easy answers. […]

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Please excuse the blatant attempt at headline grabbing. You might have seen this before….pressed the publish button too soon! Oooops….indeed. In accordance with the British Board of Blog Classification, this post has been classified 18 – for adults only, and contains adult themes, including, sex, violence, blood, gore and hopefully something that might make you think… […]

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If there is a defining icon for an industry then for the small builder perhaps the White Van is it. Symbolising cash deals, unregulated work, zero safety standards and every thing that could be said to be bad about our industry. I know you will say that there are some very nice White Van People […]

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