Is NBS the Google of BIM?

Is NBS becoming the Google of BIM? John Eynon FCIOB welcomes new three new BIM initiatives from NBS, but warns we need the stimulus of competition. “Well we’ve reached Level 3!” So said guest speaker David Philp, Head of UK BIM at the launch of the NBS BIM Object Standard earlier this week. Less excitingly, […]

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The Secret BIM Society

I think about things. That’s my job. I’ve been frustrated by the lack of penetration into the market of BIM particularly down the tiers of the supply chain. After all its not for the want of trying is it? Taskgroups Websites Hubs Conferences, and the rest. And then I read something in a different context […]

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I wasn’t there, but I understand that at BIMShowLive this week, someone who I know, respect and work with had the line “No to UK BIM crew” in his presentation. It provoked a debate, and made me think. I was planning to write something else but just had to write this first! If you follow […]

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“Life, the Universe, and Everything. And the omniscient omnipresent Being said……..Let there be BIM!” (And no…it’s not the Philpster!) Of course as we all know 42 is really the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything…(Douglas Adams) “The number 42 is, in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, “The Answer to the […]

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…the musings of an ageing baby boomer….! Champagne and cigars Well then, light a few fireworks, crack open that bottle, light the victory dance cigar….. My consultancy is 2 years old this week! Looking back, I’ve had an amazing 2 years in setting up my own company, and doing all sorts of things on the […]

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And the winner is…

…the UK construction industry! Check out this out… Making “Building Information Modelling” happen – ….The BIM Task Force and Technology Strategy Board collaborating to deliver Classification and the Digital Plan of Works , “A digital tool for building information modelling SBRI competition for contracts February 2014” You can see further details here and download the flier…. As […]

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We need to keep talking about BIM!

Joey Gardiner has written an article in Building, discussing the recent postings related to Tony Bingham’s article. You can see it here: My response is below: We need to keep talking about BIM…. Well the debate continues……great, bring it on! Firstly I’m just wondering where this scaremongering and scepticism is really coming from? Certainly early […]

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