Imagine a world….

…..where over 1 million people in our industry not only get BIM, but understand what Level 2 is, what it means for them, and actually want to innovate and collaborate. Enough people to make a difference, who want to make a difference, who can see, feel and taste what a digitally enabled industry could be […]

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One day…

One day, we won’t talk about BIM at all. What’ll happen to all those BIM consultants, BIM Managers and the like? Think about it….:o)   Cheers   J.

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It’s the only way, so they say… Well here we are!!! The end of another year. Amazing how time flies! It is perhaps habitual at this time of year to pause, reflect and resolve to do better next year. Within a few weeks, January will be littered with failed resolutions. Cynical I know, but human […]

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