Dark Phoenix

A departure. For many years on and and off I’ve collected american comics, particularly Marvel and mainly the original Uncanny X-Men series. Unless you’ve read the comics you won’t know it but most if not all of the films bear no resemblance to any of the original story lines at all. Even to changing the […]

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Recently rediscovered the joy of using soft pencil on paper . Totally different feel to using my standard blue Bic or black fine liner. I now carry a supply of 8B. Not for me the mediocrity of your 3 or 4B . Express yourself . The feel of the soft roughness on nice paper . […]

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Announcing BIM4Cows

I’m sure I predicted this years ago, but here we are, you can find details from our recent launch event on this link: BIM4Cows launch news Cows in VR headsets, astounding. Followed closely by the new working group for Cephalapods: Cephalapods working group on 3D BIM Cuttlefish in 3D glasses. Whatever next? The world is […]

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Old school

I’ve noticed this over the years. They come, they go. Senior managers, directors, the great and the good. Apparently. The young turks trying desperately to climb the ladders they see before them. Maybe it’s a by-product of the digital age – the billiard ball communication, smack! and off we go to the next thing. If […]

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The rat box

You know when you go somewhere . The first thing you notice is the green rat boxes dotted around in various places on the ground . Always so comforting. And you wonder if there’s a captured rat somewhere. A bit like Schrödinger’s cat really. Scary rat .

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Walk straight

Frustrated Mother overheard to her small daughter : Why are you falling over ? You’re walking in a straight line ! ” Struck me life is like that . It can seem straightforward and then you can still just fuck it up for no apparent reason . Food for thought. And hey – be careful […]

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