Chips in a digital age

Covid is changing the way we live. My local chip is all techied up. I order over the phone. I rock up at the prescribed time, it’s always ready to go, and I pay contactless. Tonight I wanted a receipt. Expecting a paper till receipt but they offered to send it by text or email. […]

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An alternative conversation from an alternative somewhere…   Undated, untimed. Darkened room. Low light. Shadows. Dim. Deep underground bunker. Faraday cage. No electronics. No comms. Whispered voices. (Feed begins)… Ernst Stavro Blofeld – Thank you for coming. We are that unnamed strength that moves heaven and earth, that rules and directs the world. However, alarming events are threatening our control. You […]

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And today’s little win is: Some face masks and a bottle of antiseptic hand gel. My – how expectations change in a short while… And remember Stay safe, stay healthy, stay sane. And hey! Let’s be careful out there…      

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Open blog request to the CIOB*

*I’ve never done this before but I don’t see why not?! This is me tilting at windmills but you never know. But hey! Just call me Don. (Get it? ;O)) I had a bit of a rant in my recent  Vagina Chronicles.The Vagina Chronicles: Chapter 8 – “The Integration Conundrum” About the upcoming CIOB’s Digital […]

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Currently I’m at home in my bat cave. Ironically my latest contract gig expired on the 20th March. Just as the UK lockdown came in. I would tell you about what I was working on but I had to sign an NDA. Literally, and I kid you not,  one of the buildings is world famous, […]

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Death, taxes and whinging

One of the recent things in the UK is the Government’s responses to the Covid 19 outbreak and their support programme for businesses. This ranges from paying part of the wages of furloughed staff, through to business grants and loans. I tend to follow the BBC News website and their chats. Yes it’s probably biased […]

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