There’s been a very interesting convo on LinkedIn this week, you need to catch up with this! My personal HT Hat Tip to Paul Swaddle at NBS for taking the initiative here. You can checkout the string on the LinkedIn screenshot below: If you want to sign up and support check out Paul Swaddle’s convo. […]

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The future of VR

If you haven’t come across Jaron Lanier yet, I suggest you do! His career goes right back to the early days of BIM related VR/AR and I like his thinking and approach precisely because he challenges the status quo, and set patterns of rigid parochialism and hierarchies. Try his other books “Who owns the future?” […]

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The blink of an eye……

Everyday we fool ourselves into the permanency of our existence when in reality our lives hang by a very fragile thread… For instance. Driving to work the other day I passed a road accident near where I live. A motor cyclist had disagreed with a bus and come off for the worst. He was prone […]

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Join for a LIVE Twitter Q&A – Explore Offsite Outlooks 2018 – 5th Feb, 1pm, @ExploreOffsite @56JONTS

Join for a LIVE Twitter Q&A – Explore Offsite Outlooks 2018 Explore the potential of digital construction and understand how best to implement it into your offsite construction strategy. I will be taking part in a Live Twitter Q&A with Explore Offsite! I will be discussing all things relating to Digital procurement, standardisation and transformation […]

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Digital life 2018 Digital transformation is perhaps a rather esoteric concept. It’s all out there isn’t it? It’s for other people. It concerns them, their business, but in reality is all this really going to affect me in anyway at all? We are all in heads down mode, trying to make a crust, keep business […]

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Alison Watson MBE

So…..first blog of the year goes to my great friend Alison Watson. Alison has just awarded the MBE for her tireless work in the education sector with Class Of Your Own and DEC! Details here.https://designengineerconstruct.com I’ve known Alison for several years know and been involved in COYO. Her drive, passion, determination, vision and sometimes sheer […]

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