The scene is the roof of the tower block where The Matrix agents are hlding Morpheus prisoner – Neo lies prone on the ground, an agent towering over him, gun pointed ready for the kill. Neo had dodged most of the bullets in the battle using his nascent abilities but his belief had failed with […]

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I am a firm believer in that you can never have too much tomato ketchup. But has to be Heinz. ( You guys can send me the royalties later!) As I a child I even had had tomato sauce sandwiches, an acquired taste I know,  but there you have it. Shows my commitment. I am […]

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I am not a stranger to the dark Hide away, they say ‘Cause we don’t want your broken parts I’ve learned to be ashamed of all my scars Run away, they say No one’ll love you as you are But I won’t let them break me down to dust I know that there’s a place […]

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Probably an obvious question but where is it? Where are the people who are going to make a real difference to our society, communities, our politics and the built environment industry? People of vision, integrity, commitment, passion and drive to make it happen? As we start a new year again I can’t help but feel […]

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As the year draws to a close it’s good to finally draw breath. To look back, look forward. For me 2018 has been a bit of a roller coaster. Several twists and turns along the way. Sometimes losing balance. We fall.We rise. People surprise you, disappoint you and sometimes make you glad. We die everyday. […]

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