Four legs GOOD! – Two legs BETTER! Or – BIM Level 2 Good! – UK BIM Framework BETTER! Apologies to George Orwell, but Animal Farm is a good read if you get time. The sheep choir being well trained to absorb and repeat the updated mantra. Agitprop rules. OK?! Perhaps the UK BIM movement is […]

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Seeing is believing?

Once in a lifetime… “And you may tell yourself This is not my beautiful house! And you may tell yourself This is not my beautiful wife!” … And you may ask yourself Am I right? Am I wrong? And you may say to yourself “My God! What have I done?” – from Talking Heads – […]

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It was my fate. To be in a different quadrant, at the extreme of the scale, a different perspective. I remember a workshop with a top ten contractor….a team working exercise to discover our preferences… to discover i was the only one in one of 4 quadrants in a room of twenty people…it hit me… […]

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On the BBC website today, worth a look: BBC Gender Pay Gap animation I am a white middle to late aged professional man. So I have an inbuilt bias and I recognise that. I haven’t experienced discrimination on the basis of my sex, orientation or ethnicity. In fact probably the opposite! There will be those […]

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