Twitter – https://twitter.com/56JONTS

LinkedIn – http://www.linkedin.com/in/johneynon

Website – http://www.openwaterconsulting.co.uk

Journeyman architect and design manager, BIM champ and strategist, writer, blogger, lecturer and speaker.

Baby boomer still on a mission and fully paid up member of the sandwich generation.

Qualified as an Architect in 1981.

Author of The Design Manager’s Handbook (Wiley Blackwell, published 2013), and the Construction Manager’s BIM Handbook, ( Wiley, 2016).

Over my life I’ve worked for several practices, public and private and also for myself, and lately 4 major contractors – now working freelance in BIM, Design Management, work winning, strategy and process.

Also includes a year as a resident site architect and a year as a full-time specification writer. Made redundant 4 times. Currently on my eighth career iteration – not bad for a baby boomer! That’s how I roll these days…

Started in construction design management 1997. Enjoy process and strategy, pre-construction, how people work together or not, and like looking at future trends impacting the present.

Joint chair of BIM Regions SouthEast and BIM Regions UK network, and currently member of the UK BIM Alliance Executive Team, and Engagement Team Lead.

Work with Surrey SATRO and Class of Your Own.

Researching a PhD at Leeds Beckett University for the impact of BIM on the role of Design Management.

Enabler, writer, speaker, presenter, lecturer, at conferences, workshops and birthday parties and christenings.

See my website for my profile and for more information.

Any views, or opinions expressed are entirely my own (of course – who else?!!), and do not represent the policy or views of any of the organisations I am (or was) connected with.(obviously…)

May the Force be with you.  :o)

Live long and prosper.


Ciao ciao!



One thought on “About JOHNEYNON.

  1. Hi John…we are also trying to help people on their BIM journey by making BIM for FM a reality. We work with the scandinavian IWMS MainManager, a true BIM FM tool that enables users to manage their building and contained assets via an interactive 3D model, linking asset information to FM functionality. It really is very clever and way ahead of anything else currently on offer. Our problem is getting the messaage out!

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