Route 66…

No 61 has come home.

So I’m now looking for No 66! Still aiming for 100 responses…

Please don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to my research on BIM and Design Management, closing soon…

It’s free, totally anonymous and completely wholesome.

You can find the questionnaire here: BIM impact on Design Management

It will only take 10 minutes of your life, but I will be eternally grateful!

And hey! – Let’s be careful out there!



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2 thoughts on “Route 66…

  1. It would be great to see clients design teams issuing compliant RIBA stage 3 models and BEP’s to the clients EIR’s which would not require the contractors design team to starting from scratch to remodel their designs. This seems to be an all to often reoccurring problem especially when the clients designers are reviewing and commenting on drawings issued at S3 by the appointed party’s design team.
    For the clients EIR’s requiring the appointed party to produce fully coordinated and clash free models and information within the stage 4 period of 25 weeks makes the management of BIM a bit of a joke IMO especially when the BEP is tossed aside after 6 – 8 weeks into the stage 4 design and clash detection and coordination seems to out the window. – we have a long way to go John before BIM becomes the norm.

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