Fast Forward!

I’ve been living on my own for just over a year now.

It’s been hard but I can please myself. So if I want to leave the week’s takeaways littering my flat , I can! Ha ha!

I haven’t watched any TV, I don’t have one. But I have started watching a lot of stuff online. Particularly natural world stuff and comedy.

A lot of it on YouTube, and I’ve found you can find probably fine anything you think of.

A lot of the time I watch my favourite bits. The funny bits, the best bits, where the hero saves the day and emerges triumphant after having gone through a whole pile of crap and shit, losing everything in the process.

It makes me laugh.

But life isn’t like that is it? There isn’t a magic fast forward button in the sky, so you can say to your self : ” my god this is shit, let’s fast forward to something better!”

Life is not like that is it? We have to live through the bad and the good, and treat both of those imposters with the same respect. Bad times don’t last, but neither do the good times. Ebb and flow, the tide comes in, the tide goes out.

The only certainty is that it changes, it will change. There is a rhythm, a flow to it. And we are each caught in that moment, that flow, trying each to chart our way in our little boats of life, on the high seas.

Wherever you are, in the trough, on the crest, or somewhere on the slope of the wave, just hang in there, it will pass. Life goes on, it will get better.

Buckle up! Hang on!



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