It’s a stick up! Gimme the data! Gimme YOUR data!

Suddenly we’re all data experts.

Data data data, we hear it everywhere, all the time, everyday. Buy more data. Understand the data. Get the data. What’s your data?

We’re comparing the R rate, looking at the number of cases, deaths. Nicely diced and sliced, by age, health, nation, area, council and inside leg measurement. Trends, heat maps, info graphics and videos.

Some even go on the radio or news to challenge experts about their findings. In this age of data, I can be anything – “Today Michael I am going to be an epidemiologist, or an architect, or a builder, or a rocket scientist, or a nuclear fusion physicist…….” I watched the video on YouTube! I’m an expert now. Can I transplant your brain into my dog Steve?.

Democratisation of technology, access and data, has given us 24/7/365 access to All-data.

Welcome to the Videodrome-like world of fake news, fake data.

Perception is all, the appearance, the visual, damn the facts! The goldfish bowl of life in the tech-age , this i-age.

Lies, damn lies and statistics. (Balfour? Disraeli?) I’m sure with enough googling (new verb?) you can find enough data to back any view you like, however you like.

Of course there is oodles of data about YOU (and me!) sitting in a server farm somewhere in the cloud, in Guatemala, Mexico or Docklands. Who knows? Who cares? Available to all. Good, bad and ugly.

Your data or your life.

Your life or your money

Your money, or your data, or both!.

Careful what you wish for!



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