The S.H.1.T. Rule for Beginners (Looking for a job)

A bit of a rant in these challenging times……

A combination of street smarts for these times of trying to find a new job or role. 

I’ve combined this into what I’m calling the SH1T Rule for beginners.

One of my flat neighbours, who is also looking for a job as a Cisco engineer said to me basically this:

” John, if you throw enough shit at the wall, some of it has to stick.”

The second piece of wisdom was I think from someone on LinkedIn or Instagram, and I’m sorry I just can’t remember who, a true senior moment!

But it goes something like this, and it’s about rejection. Supposing you knew from the outset that you would get a job after being rejected 99 times, and you’d be successful on the 100th time. Imagine how you’d feel after the 99th rejection!

So for me the lessons here are don’t hide. Get yourself out there. Use your contacts, networks, use other people’s networks, ask for help, and at the moment a lot of people will help, as we all know how hard it is just now.

If you throw enough out there, something will stick , whether its 99 or 999, it’s coming.

Your day, your time is coming!!

Do not quit on me now!!

Good luck!




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