I have no legs

I have no legs.

No arms.

No hope.

No dreams.

No roof.

No bed.

No family.

No-one to care.

No money.

No love.

No clean water.

No sanitation.

No health.

No health care.

No sight.

No hearing.

No food.

No shelter.

No heat.

No light.

No salvation.

No life.

I imagine as you read this that you do in fact actually have all of these things or qualities i’ve listed above, or most of them anyway.

However, many many millions of people around the world, don’t.

They just don’t.

Maybe not all of these things but most if not all in some cases. Enough to make a significant difference to quality of life and hope for the future.

Perhaps our troubles with Covid and modern life in the west are actually minor in comparison to some (many) people’s lot?

Food for our thoughts!

You and me!

Let’s put it in perspective.

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

Give thanks.

Random acts of kindness.

Pay it forward.


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