If your name is Al Gorithm…you’re off the hook!

You are in big big trouble!

Of course the real culprits will never see the light of day!

But whose fingers were really on the keyboard?

And hopefully some injustices will be brought out into the open and put right .

For now…

This pandemic is a Pandora’s box and a lens bringing different things into focus.

Whatever next?

PS – So as of today Al can slink back into the shadows.

But what was been exposed is how Al has influenced the lives of millions of students, being categorised and graded on past performance of their schools and areas. Equally the more advantaged are virtually guaranteed their places almost irrespective of their results, quota, segmentation, polarisation. Keeping us all in our place.

Pity the bright and gifted in underperforming schools and less privileged catchment areas.

Outrageous, but in a way not at all surprising. 

There has to be a better way. None of the above.


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