An alternative conversation from an alternative somewhere…


Undated, untimed.

Darkened room.

Low light.



Deep underground bunker.

Faraday cage.

No electronics.

No comms.

Whispered voices.

(Feed begins)…

Ernst Stavro Blofeld – Thank you for coming. We are that unnamed strength that moves heaven and earth, that rules and directs the world. However, alarming events are threatening our control. You know why we are here. The continuing digital crisis.

Auric Goldfinger – Yes, this social media is getting totally out of hand, it’s giving too much say and air time to the masses that should be serving us rather than pontificating on the web.

Dr Julius No – And the data! Look at the data they have access to, and wikileaks and those anonymous hackers, very soon all our activities will be on that damned web for all to see.

Rosa Klebb – Ok. So who do we need to take out? I’ll do it!

Blofeld – It’s not that simple Rosa. (Note condescending use of first name). There are too many. We’d need several Project Insights but we know what happened to that! No – we need to destabilise the global economy and the populations at large., Let’s give them a bigger fear to worry about, and that will in turn put everyone back in their right place. We need to level the ground and reset the conversation for these people.

No – Yes! There are too many getting way beyond themselves, taking liberties.

Klebb – Yes yes I know all that. But who do I need to take out? Just give me a list! I can do it!

Goldfinger – So what’s it to be? Nuclear war? Market crash? Oil crisis? Alien invasion?

Blofeld – Good ideas, but a little pedestrian these days I feel. We need something with no apparent aggression, a little more subtle.

No – What like a natural event? Earthquakes? Tsunamis? Plagues?

Blofeld – Yes maybe something like a global disease. Something that creates serious health and resources issues, extremely contagious and spreads very quickly, undetected. As easy as the air we breathe. Also making it much easier to introduce draconian totalitarian control measures for the populace, after all it will be for the masses own safety and comfort, poor things!

Goldfinger – Yes I see, forcing governments to close down major sectors of their economies, pushing up debt, more reliance on the financial sectors and we can then manipulate the markets and finances as we wish for our own ends. We bailed the banks out in the crash, so about time we gave them a squeeze.

No – Of course then the world populations will be more worried about their own puny individual futures rather than the wider issues of freedom, democracy, life, art, meaning and the environment – pah!

Klebb – Listen! Just give me a bloody list!

Blofeld – Thank you all. Meeting adjourned. We know what must be done.

(Feed ends)

Post Script – Case Intelligence Officer – HODs Eyes Only – Whilst most of the more ridiculous conspiracy theories have been debunked, the 5G for instance recently, we can’t quite rule this one out yet. Perhaps a background group to the Bilderberg Conference or the New World Order, want to reassert themselves and put us in our place, wherever that is? We will keep this under observation. Our sources remain intact. The Eye of Horus sees all. End.


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