Jonathan Livingston Seagull

I became reacquainted with Jonathan a few weeks ago. He is an old old friend. It was a delight. The book by Richard Bach has always been one of my favourites, timeless in its’ pleasure and escapism but with a deep meaning. Recently Richard added a fourth part to the story which he wrote with […]

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Chips in a digital age

Covid is changing the way we live. My local chip is all techied up. I order over the phone. I rock up at the prescribed time, it’s always ready to go, and I pay contactless. Tonight I wanted a receipt. Expecting a paper till receipt but they offered to send it by text or email. […]

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An alternative conversation from an alternative somewhere…   Undated, untimed. Darkened room. Low light. Shadows. Dim. Deep underground bunker. Faraday cage. No electronics. No comms. Whispered voices. (Feed begins)… Ernst Stavro Blofeld – Thank you for coming. We are that unnamed strength that moves heaven and earth, that rules and directs the world. However, alarming events are threatening our control. You […]

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