Open blog request to the CIOB*

*I’ve never done this before but I don’t see why not?!

This is me tilting at windmills but you never know. But hey! Just call me Don. (Get it? ;O))

I had a bit of a rant in my recent  Vagina Chronicles.The Vagina Chronicles: Chapter 8 – “The Integration Conundrum”

About the upcoming CIOB’s Digital Summit.

See details here of the conference here…..

CIOB Digital Summit

All wonderful stuff I’m sure.


8 speakers

All male.  

M8 v F0

And there for me there is the problem.

I suspect I’m not alone here but I don’t think a lot of people want to confront this?

Is the CIOB sexist?

I don’t think so, but here comes the rub, this is where the rubber meets the road.

If you (CIOB) want to lead on diversity and inclusion then the CIOB needs to walk the talk, rather than just put on a good show. Huge opportunity here to do the right thing and take a real thought leadership position.

And as it happens the conference has been postponed to the Autumn due to Covid 19.


Here’s an opportunity to make the speaker list more representative of our industry and aspirations.

You have the time to sort this please CIOB!

So please make the the speakers list 50/50 in gender at least. And address the BAME balance also. Huge opportunity to set role models for the industry and take a leadership position.

If you need some suggestions you can contact me. But as we all know, there are many leading women in BIM and Digital construction, equally as good as your line up.

If you are are a woman do you really want a bunch of men to be mansplaining  to you about BIM? If the answer is YES then I’ll just shut up.

If the answer is NO , and you agree – just like this post. I’m surprised more people haven’t commented on this!

And hey!

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay sane.

And above all be kind.

Let’s be careful out there!


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