Death, taxes and whinging

One of the recent things in the UK is the Government’s responses to the Covid 19 outbreak and their support programme for businesses.

This ranges from paying part of the wages of furloughed staff, through to business grants and loans.

I tend to follow the BBC News website and their chats. Yes it’s probably biased one way or the other but who isn’t these days?! Can you really believe anything they say?

Anyway the perennial question comes up all the time about the self employed and how they/we are milking the system. Makes my blood boil.

For your information I pay

Corporation Tax


Self Assessment Tax

P11D tax

I also pay National Insurance.

Companies House fees

Accountants fees

I pay for  Professional Indemnity Insurance, Employers Liability Insurance, and Public Liability Insurance.

Website fees

Office unit rent

If it moves I pay tax on it. I don’t get sick pay, overtime or paid holidays.

Oh and I almost forgot virtually no notice. One notable Tier One Contractor that lauds itself on its support for people fired me with a few days notice a few years ago. Really caring. Bollocks.

I’m not complaining, it’s my lifestyle choice to work this way, and its enabled me to do things I once only dreamed of, but if anyone continues to subscribe to this bullshit, I suggest you do your research properly and see if you have the minerals to become self employed and stand on your own feet!

Freelancers/self employed make up a significant proportion of the workforce in the UK construction industry. I think we deserve a lot more respect and a lot less whinging! Haha!

And hey!

At this difficult time let’s stay safe, stay healthy and be careful out there.

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