Currently I’m at home in my bat cave.

Ironically my latest contract gig expired on the 20th March. Just as the UK lockdown came in.

I would tell you about what I was working on but I had to sign an NDA. Literally, and I kid you not,  one of the buildings is world famous, but that will be another story sometime.

Anyway so I’m trying to find a job. Rather like most of the industry at the moment.

So I get email alerts. I am a fully paid up Chartered Architect, RIBA and all that. And you should know that in the UK the title “Architect” is protected under law.

The jobs  I get sent are “Technical Architect”, “Systems Architect”, “Network Architect” and many more. They ‘re all in IT/ tech. That’s great.

However my question to you is (and this is really important!),  are these people registered with the Architects Registration Board, under the Architects Act 1997?

And if not what is the ARB doing about it? I think we should be told!

And hey! Let’s be careful out there!

PS – No need to respond, I know the answer, no one gives the proverbials……


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