GenX, GenY, GenZ, GenC19…..updated

It’s a difficult time, and I hope that above all, wherever you are that this finds you and yours, safe, well and healthy…


Gen C19

This generation won’t be defined by age, but by shared experience.

It’s a “where you there”, “what were you doing”, kind of moment. “What did you do do in the first great lockdown mommy?”….. And yes there will be more….

It’s funny how certain things lock in your memory – in ’63 I remember sitting with my mom when Kennedy was assassinated.

In ’69 I got up early to watch the Apollo 11 moon landing on our black and white TV.

And so it is now, we will all have stories to tell, experiences to share.

As we have seen the virus grow and spread who would have thought even a month ago that it would come to this. The global  impact on a scale we all find truly unbelievable but here we are locked down, keeping our distance and hoping that we all stay safe in the process. And this runs across EVERYTHING.

Even our good Doctor has a message for us:

Message from Dr Who

As we’ve progressed through the lockdown,  the more morbid black humour has started to surface, as it does:



As we emerge from our bunkers like some scene in a dystopian B movie after a nuclear attack what kind of world will be waiting for us? What can we make of it?

The virus, its’ consequences and impact,  has exposed fracture lines in our society, ranging from those whose confinement is virtually no hardship to those living in overcrowded cramped spaces with little support, or even no home at all.

It’s highlighted the value of public sector workers, the NHS and all those in the public sector who keep our lives going on a daily basis, working very hard for comparatively little, previously valued in name only. Different ball game now isn’t it?

And on the digital divide those that fortunately can still work from home, contrasted with those who can’t for whatever reason. Those who can continue to earn, and those that can’t.

Coming out of this, the fault lines in society and communities will be everywhere. There is no doubt we will feel the impact and reach of this for some considerable time, years even.


Across all industries, businesses that were  struggling to survive before the lockdown are now hurting even more. Not everyone will come through this intact. Retail, construction, care homes, and many more. There have been business failures already, more will follow. And individually those without work taking anything to survive. Hard times indeed. Suddenly shelf stacking is in demand. How times change. Strangely I started out as a shelf stacker and meat/cheese counter assistant. Those skills might come in useful……


That Bill Gates predicted this in 2015, with chilling and very scary accuracy. See links below.

Bill Gates predicts in 2015

He also reviews our current response to C19, touches a few nerves I think. No wonder a few people in high places are so tetchy!

Bill Gates reviews current Covid19 responses

Be kind

But in contrast, alternative thinking has embraced this as a time to re-evaluate our lives and society and have expressed the hope for a different kind of society, a different way of working. It is a time, if we have the opportunity, to reflect. To look in the mirror.

Some people are hoping for a kinder way of living, less centred on the materialistic, and that would be great.


(Actually written in 2020, by Kitty O’Meara!)

The other side of this is not so pleasant but the reality facing many at the moment including me…Nevertheless we could do with some change.

Reality for some

But to paraphrase something I once heard “culture eats everything” or words to that effect. And whilst some may well really want to change things for the better, some others will inevitably revert to type, the old ways, because that’s what they do. Depends who holds the purse strings and the power doesn’t it!


We need to remember this time, and the life lessons we learn from it, but I’m worried we’ll forget very quickly, as we always do.

Until the next time.

Let’s hope that coming out of this we can all do better.

In a world where you can be anything , be kind.      

(Jennifer Dukes Lee/Caroline Flack)

You never know what the person opposite you is going through, whatever they say/don’t say.

So a little kindness and sweetness can go a long way.

I have a feeling we’re all going to need it!

And hey! Let’s be careful out there.






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