Even a brick … has hope!

AB437134-B32A-4D43-A40E-923074E7AEBFLouis Kahn, now a world famous legendary architect, died alone, bankrupt, at home** (SEE BELOW)

He had a love, passion even, for the materials he worked with to create his marvellous projects.

He said something like “Even a brick wants to be something, what does it want to be?”

Significance. Everything cries out for significance.

As do each one of us. We look for meaning, pattern, shape in the things that occur.

We strive to have meaning. Significance


Carl Sagan’s pale blue dot reminds us of our true perspective. In the scale of things how truly tiny we are!

In one sense.

“And yet what is man/woman that thou art mindful of them?”

In spite of this perspective, our desire and struggle for significance reaches for the eternal, beyond the limitations of our current lives?

And to me this is one of the greatest proofs for the light and brilliance  that lives within each one of us.

Reach for the light.

Look for the light in others.

And nurture it.

And hey! Let’s be careful out there.


A comment from Ian Lowe, Chartered Architect:

I get what you are going for John, but you are wrong on how Louis Khan died it was more tragic than that. He was found dead in the toilets at a train station in America having had a heart attack. If one the books on him is correct, he had no ID and the sad thing is it took a few days for him to be identified or even reported missing. His staff had noted he had taken to wandering off and not being seen for days at a time, then turning up at the office as though nothing had happened. Really sad end to a great architect who was ahead of the curve (Sometimes now called the 4th master builder alongside Wright, Corbusier and Rohe). He was penniless though. Khan is one of my favourite Architects, he was very skilful in his use of concrete and brick, with great clarity of form and truth in construction. (edited)

Thanks Ian, for your comments and putting me on the right path here! Sad that such a great artist died in such tragic circumstances.



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