What have we become?

The iPhone zombies. They walk among us. We see them everyday.

Walking down the street, heads stuck into their phones oblivious to everything else.

What is so important that you need to read your phone as you walk and bump into everyone else?

Had to do a body swerve this morning to avoid a zombie, engrossed in the importance of her phone.


And meetings, and out at dinner, and on public transport. We’re consumed by these things now. Just look around. See how many people are engaged with some form of technology. Steve Jobs sold us something we didn’t know we needed. Maybe we could learn something here.

We talk a lot about the need for culture change, particularly for digital transformation.

But the smart phone has wheedled its’ way into our lives over the last ten years and changed how we behave in many ways. It has changed habits, behaviours, culture and our perspective. And we didn’t fight, argue or drag our heels on the way.

And now see our dependence. It’s like a drug. Try withdrawing for a while from your digital addiction. See you how get on!

And as we move from static to mobile tech, and from wearable to implanted?

Whatever next?

What will we become?

And remember – let’s be careful out there!

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