On the money

I’ve followed Seth Godin for several years now. I receive his daily insights and most days he really makes me think.

You can check him out here, well worth a read:

Seth Godin

A couple of his recent posts have made me really think.

They are linked below:

Somethings more interesting than this

Cars houses and TVs

Seth as usual is right on the money here. He talks about lot’s of things but here these are pertinent to digital transformation.

Our attention is now grabbed by the new. The brighter, the shinier the buttons, the more likely we’ll take notice. But it soon fades. Seth’s blog is perhaps an argument for mindfulness in the digital age, being truly in the moment. Because our attention flits here and there, as demands change from second to second.

And also perhaps our industry transformation is being held up by something else. We’re waiting for Moore’s Law to take hold. It will in time – as tech and implementation costs come down , power goes up.

Watch out when it does, you might just get left behind…

And hey! Let’s be careful out there.




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