Even a brick … has hope!

Louis Kahn, now a world famous legendary architect, died alone, bankrupt, at home** (SEE BELOW) He had a love, passion even, for the materials he worked with to create his marvellous projects. He said something like “Even a brick wants to be something, what does it want to be?” Significance. Everything cries out for significance. […]

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On the money

I’ve followed Seth Godin for several years now. I receive his daily insights and most days he really makes me think. You can check him out here, well worth a read: Seth Godin A couple of his recent posts have made me really think. They are linked below: Somethings more interesting than this Cars houses […]

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What have we become?

The iPhone zombies. They walk among us. We see them everyday. Walking down the street, heads stuck into their phones oblivious to everything else. What is so important that you need to read your phone as you walk and bump into everyone else? Had to do a body swerve this morning to avoid a zombie, […]

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Thank you Amazon! The sequel!

Well blow me down and call me Nancy! If they didn’t go and do it again. Amazon have now recommended my book “The Construction Manager’s BIM Handbook’ to me see below. Again I admire their taste, but what they won’t know is that this book is currently being translated into Chinese and will be available […]

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