Dark Phoenix

A departure.

For many years on and and off I’ve collected american comics, particularly Marvel and mainly the original Uncanny X-Men series.

Unless you’ve read the comics you won’t know it but most if not all of the films bear no resemblance to any of the original story lines at all. Even to changing the characters individual stories.

So i’ve watched the crop of X-Men films and whilst mildly entertaining they’re so far off the plot it’s unbelievable.

Which brings me to Dark Phoenix, the latest rendition. In the comics the story of the Dark Phoenix is perhaps the greatest arc in X-Men history – a tale of life and death, love and evil incarnate, far flung worlds in disarray, sheer raw power beyond our knowledge and a simple tale of boy meets girl – and girl eventually dies.

I’m afraid this film is but a pale shadow, that flits and frets it’s time upon the screen.

Sometimes new isn’t best.

Sometimes reinvention isn’t the way.

Disappointing. But hey, that’s life!






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