Leaving it all behind

I’m thinking about the past and also the future.

My father died several years ago, an experience that has profoundly affected me for several years, and still does in more than words can say.

A few weeks after his funeral, I went to scatter his ashes and as I took the urn and opened it, and poured them out, it struck me how little there was. Is this all there is of him?

82 years and it comes down to this? I sorted his things out at home and his life was condensed into a few boxes.

And I thought at the time, and still do, well what’s that about? Is this all there is left, so little? And yet in many ways he is still here. My memories him sometimes are pin sharp, and I can still hear his voice.

Major life events have a habit of crystallising your priorities – suddenly! You can be trolling along juggling loads of things, and they all seem important to you, then something happens, and you drop the lot, immediately, because suddenly this thing that has entered your your life usually from left field, whatever it is, focuses your attention to the exclusion of everything else.

I’m wondering if all the things we think are important or needed in our lives, really are? What do we really need? How much do we really need?

As I’m entering yet another new chapter in my own life, I’ve realised that of the people, things, activities and god knows what else I’ve cluttered my life with so far, very little will be coming with me on the next phase of my personal journey. I will be travelling lighter in many ways.

I am perhaps three quarters of the way through my life now, and I’m wondering what I’ve really achieved, because like my Dad, my life at the moment can be packed up into several boxes, some of which are in the boot of my car!

So just a word really to question ourselves about what is really important. What is really important, to you, to me?

And hey….remember to be careful out there.






4 thoughts on “Leaving it all behind

  1. Hi my Zen friend hope you’re keeping well!

    Nice article to finish the year with and on reflection on my own life homecomings the last 15/20 years I can say that my river has had many meanders and I have no doubt many too come!
    I too have lost both my parents some time ago now and I have now developed a cast iron chin because as you pointed on you have to get back up time and time again when you hit the canvas.
    Like yourself Jonny I will be making the dive into the contractors side and taking up a new position as Design/BIM Manager which I’m looking forward to with gusto!

    I look forward to you blog in the year to come.
    So on that I hope you & yours have a Great Christmas & New Year!

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