It was my fate.

To be in a different quadrant, at the extreme of the scale, a different perspective.

I remember a workshop with a top ten contractor….a team working exercise to discover our preferences… to discover i was the only one in one of 4 quadrants in a room of twenty people…it hit me…

Or another…same contractor , different kind of exercise this time a spectrum of indicators, i was way out on the left or right…can’t remember!





In a world that seems to reward conformity, and those that stand out are sometimes bullied. There is the suspicion of being different, and not necessarily valued.

Maybe the artist is appreciated. Mostly not. Probably not listened to, or valued.

Tread the well trodden path and follow the majority?

Or perhaps go the road less travelled, see the vistas, tingle the spine.

We can’t not can we?

You and I?

We’re made of the same stuff, and that voice in our heads will just not shut up!

The world needs our uniqueness even if it doesn’t realise. And sometimes a little weirdness.

Keep going.

















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