I lost my business because other companies were faster cheaper better.

I didn’t get the job I wanted because I didn’t have the skills.

And I sit on the beach and dream of what might have been.

If only I had done BIM!

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…Something ‘s not quite right here is it?!

Some people think of BIM as a commodity. How much do I pay to do BIM?

Some people think of it as technology or process, load the software , away we go.

A minority really get the truth…this is change on a tectonic plate shifting scale, affecting everyone in the design, delivery and asset management food chains. It’s people. People that make it work. It’s people that need to change their behaviours motivations and cultural peccadilloes. It’s a tidal wave of change, to move us to a data driven industry in digital environments across the world. To achieve a smart intelligent built environment, building a better world in a smart way for now and for generations to come.

6 years ago Fred Mills at the B1M made a short video:

What happens if I don’t do BIM

The B1M

At the time it was a visionary piece of work. 6 years!

Sadly, it still is, a very seminal point and defining work. Because even now there are a significant number of people and businesses who aren’t doing it and don’t get why they should.

Repetition of the basic messages is ok. We’ve been doing it for years. We provide the opportunities to change but it is down to people, and businesses to take the initiative for themselves.

As they say, you can lead the horse to water…

Get your BIM!

Before the shops run out!

Cheers! :o)

Ciao ciao






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