On the BBC website today, worth a look:

BBC Gender Pay Gap animation

I am a white middle to late aged professional man. So I have an inbuilt bias and I recognise that.

I haven’t experienced discrimination on the basis of my sex, orientation or ethnicity.

In fact probably the opposite!

There will be those probably some men like me!, who will argue with the stats. Of course they are distorted, mainly due to women being in lower paid jobs, and not represented in senior positions.

You can say what you like, but it seems to me our society is inherently biased against women.

I know we can argue and discuss about quotas and positive discrimination initiatives and stuff like that till the cows come home.

At the current rate it will take centuries to properly redress the balance, and maybe we need to give this a helping hand – the pitch isn’t level, and expecting it to rebalance itself is naive in the extreme. I’m not sure of the answer here, but I do get the feeling we need to do something.

“It’s ok dear, never mind, I know it’s unfair, but just get better at playing uphill!”

I have been fortunate to work with a number of women over the years, brilliant at what they do and inspirational role models.

We will all be the poorer for it if we don’t help redress the balance, and make our society, communities and businesses fairer to women.

Cheers! :o)













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