Yeah, that’s right they don’t exist! :o(

Whilst I have the greatest of admiration for Construction Managers and Project Managers it is a job I really wouldn’t want to do. I couldn’t sleep. Managing design and BIM is enough for me, as for being responsible for EVERYTHING that’s even another level!!!

However the women and men that get the kudos in these roles can’t do it on their own. They need teams. Don’t we all!

Annoying isn’t it having to rely on people! Haha!

Having worked in main contracting for well over 20 years year now, I am perhaps more of a builder than an architect. I can’t see the edges anymore!

But there are two sides to any contracting business, in fact probably any business. Winning work and doing work.

The WIN side gets the work in, meets the clients, does the PQQs, does the tenders, wins the tenders and gets to contract. The DO side deliver the work won, and create opportunities for repeat work, and case studies and all that stuff. Nothing like handing over a completed project successfully that everyone is delighted with.

WIN needs DO. DO needs WIN. A bit like Yin and Yang. Forever joined and interdependent, perfectly symbiotic!

We need each other. More than ever!

So that’s why I say it’s about time people in the upstream process, pre-construction got a lot more credit.

The Bid Managers

The Pre-Construction Managers

Proposals writers and managers, graphics people

Sales teams, media experts


Cost estimators

Design Managers

Pre-con Site Managers

We work in an industry that uses teams made up of people everyday. We do amazing things together, producing new buildings and infrastructure creating a better environment for all. Time all the teams involved got some recognition.

Maybe #BuildingMagazine and #TheCIOB might take the hint!

Ciao ciao!

Cheers :O)






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