#SIMPLES – BIM Basics training – Benchmarq and John Eynon /Open Water team up!

BIM Basics training – Benchmarq and John Eynon /Open Water team upCheck it out –

Check this out!

Benchmarq BIM Training

Having been involved with UK BIM for a number of years now, my heart has always been with the vast majority of people across our industry who have neither the time or a great deal of money to get training and support on BIM and digital transformation. But struggling and wanting to keep up nevertheless.

Having tried a number of things, Benchmarq have given me the opportunity to present a short course on BIM basics – in my own way and in my own style. Life is too short and complicated – let’s keep this simple!

I’m hoping this will contribute in some small way to moving people forward. My thanks to Phil and all the team at Benchmarq for making this happen.

So come and join us for the ride – it’s going to be fun and educational!


Benchmarq BIM Training

Ciao ciao!

Cheers :o)



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For immediate release: 4th March 2019

Photos & contact: Melissa Hicks: info@bmarq.co.uk


Join Benchmarq Ltd and BIM Expert John Eynon for a series of expert-led BIM for SMEs seminars this April and June in West Sussex.

At Benchmarq we understand that the world of Architecture, Engineering and Construction is going through a huge period of change with the introduction of BIM. The concept of BIM is a simple one in theory… one digital model that all parties can work and collaborate on. Whilst the concept may be a simple one, we have worked with many successful companies who are struggling to get to grips with BIM and what it means for them and their projects. It’s not a surprise to us. How can anyone be expected to implement the changes that come with BIM without proper guidance and insight?

But fear not… we have the answer! We are running a unique programme of four expert-led workshops developed and delivered by BIM Champion John Eynon to give an introduction to BIM and the digital transformation of the built environment. There is no one size fits all when it comes to BIM… That’s why John will spend time helping attendees to understand what BIM actually is and what it means specifically for them and their business.

We will be running this programme of seminars at our modern training centre in Billingshurst, West Sussex over 4 consecutive Mondays in April and 4 consecutive Tuesdays in June from 3:30pm until 6:30pm. For more information on prices and availability please get in touch with the team on 01403 784139.

And for the record we haven’t given John Eynon the title of BIM Champion for no reason… John has over 40 years experience in the industry and has worked with several leading main contractors providing expert BIM support and training. John is also the author of the ‘Design Manager’s Handbook’ published in 2013, #UKBIM2 a short guide to level 2 self published in 2015 and ‘The Construction Manager’s BIM Handbook’ published in 2016.

By the end of the 4 workshops John will have demystified the whole subject of BIM leaving delegates with the knowledge and confidence to know what to do next.

Whether you’re an Architect, Surveyor, Asset Owner or someone just starting on the BIM journey… these seminars are suitable for anyone with an interest in BIM.

Join us for an opportunity to share thoughts, network with industry peers and learn from a BIM expert.

Notes for Editors

  • _Benchmarq Ltd has over 10 years’ experience in the CAD and BIM industry. We provide a wide range of project services in the Construction and Building sectors helping our clients deliver complex projects on time and on budget.
  • _We work with Architects, Surveyors, Consultants, Construction Companies, Manufacturers, Local Authorities, Oil & Gas companies, Utilities and Private Clients to deliver high-quality project solutions for Survey, BIM Modelling, Ground Modelling, Visualisation and CAD & BIM Training.
  • _Based in Billingshurst, West Sussex, our qualified engineers and surveyors have worked on engineering and surveying projects across the UK and Europe. We have some of the most knowledgeable CAD and BIM experts in the country on our design and technical team.
  • _We also offer the highest quality, certified training courses for both organisations and individuals. All of our trainers are industry experts, certified instructors and most importantly, passionate about what they do. Benchmarq assists hundreds of customers every year offering public and bespoke courses to suit a wide range of CAD, BIM and Design requirements.


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