I am a firm believer in that you can never have too much tomato ketchup. But has to be Heinz. ( You guys can send me the royalties later!)

As I a child I even had had tomato sauce sandwiches, an acquired taste I know,  but there you have it. Shows my commitment.

I am an addict.

Any way we ran out. Shopping malfunction. No tom sauce in the house, fresh fish and chips on the plate – equals disaster! I survived.

I texted my daughter to bring some home as she was on her way to see us. Only I didn’t text tomato ketchup , somehow the text thingy converted this to “Tomorrow Sauce”.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had bottles of tomorrow sauce that we could pour onto anything and any situation and transform the future in to a brighter better day, put smiles on faces, hope in our hearts?

I’ve news for you.

We have.

You can.

Right now.

It’s in your head, in your spirit.

Just bring your best self to everything, open the bottle and pour.

Make peoples’ lives and situations better just by being there.

Use your tomorrow sauce today

Make a difference.


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