Probably an obvious question but where is it?

Where are the people who are going to make a real difference to our society, communities, our politics and the built environment industry?

People of vision, integrity, commitment, passion and drive to make it happen?

As we start a new year again I can’t help but feel betrayed by those with the influence and the power to make a difference – you insult us with your parochial agendas and ideas, preserving your patch and the silos and boundaries – the status quo – because that suits you and you are comfortable in your world.

Sitting comfortably?

Here’s a warning.

Blind? Or perhaps not choosing to look at an industry falling off a cliff, fatally flawed.

Change is coming, the chill winds are blowing.

Just look at the retail sector, a portent of change for our industry.

Not pretty.

A lot of pain.

Happy New Year!

Strangely those inspirational people are here.

You come across them now and then.

I can honestly say that I know only a few truly really inspirational visionary people committed to change and what they do.

They inspire and change me for the better every time I meet them.

Strangely they have struggled to get support and recognition.

And yet perhaps not surprising,  as they disrupt, they provoke, and challenge us to see better things, better ways, a better life. And this is not always nice, cosy and comfortable.

The downside is we have to get off our fat arses to do something and dig deep in our pockets to help them. Sadly that’s a price most will not pay at all.

Their loss.

Perhaps the real change and future is on the fringes. The edges that bleed and cut.

For a while I have long thought that a lot of our organisations are too ponderous to respond and adapt as things are changing so fast now. We’ll see. It’s not an argument I need to win anymore!

Change is a given and certainty. We face a year of change whatever happens.

Leadership will be critical.

Let’s see who steps up. :o)

And let’s hope Darwin is on our side!





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