Stand up for DEC! and Class Of Your Own!

I rarely ask  but I need your help. We need your help.

Class Of Your Own and DEC! need your help.

See details on Class of Your Own here:

Class Of Your Own

This year, more and more kids and teachers have got into DEC. BUT it’s under threat in England. If you know and like what we do, support Lord Redesdale’s motion in the House of Lords by expressing your support on Twitter.

You can see the motion on Hansard here: Hansard

You can the supporting Heriot Watt Uni report here: Heriot Watt  

A number of Twitter friends are tweeting their support for #DEC following Damian Hinds push to equalise technical and academic education.

Some comments from Alison Watson MBE, CEO of Class Of Your Own and the DEC! programme (written to teachers of DEC!):

It’s been a few months of frustrations and sadly, and some of you were aware of the depressing news before I was, the DfE has not approved DEC for 2020 performance tables – not with TLM or TQUK. Those in Scotland are not affected.

The political climate is sadly no longer conducive to pre 16 vocational qualifications and it’s been a constant battle to keep DEC in performance tables when it is at the mercy of the English Baccalaureate AND indeed T Levels. I know many of you in DT have tried and failed to keep your subject alive and I had hoped DEC would be a good alternative, especially since data is now showing improvements in numeracy and literacy, as well as employability – our case studies are fantastic and I thank you all for sharing them with us.

This is not just a sad day for schools, it’s a sad day for industry. HOWEVER – it’s not over...since DEC is a learning programme, it has the flexibility to bend and flex – we’ve been doing it for years every time a new government comes in. As such, we’ve been working behind the scenes to provide you with an alternative end point assessment (aka exam) and have found a solution that should suit most schools.

After a decade putting the Built Environment at the top of the careers list for young people, I am not about to let you all down now. Be assured I’m doing everything I can to make this straightforward with some very good people around to help.

May I thank you for the wonderful support and patience you and your senior leaders have shown thus far. It’s been really hard for everyone concerned. 

We’re still with you, all the way. 

Alison Watson MBE

I think COYO being small is our greatest enemy….help make the message big? We need to punch way above our weight now to overturn this decision by the DfE. You can help.

Kids are THRIVING with DEC. Right now. Please give DEC! a future in England, the land of its’ birth.

Tweet this. FB this. Insta this. LI this. Write your MP , DO SOMETHING!

This is a fight for survival not only of DEC! but for the futures of our young people who could enter our industry, but they won’t because DEC! isn’t there for them.

Do nothing and  within a few years there could be no DEC! in England.

So time to shine people.




Fight for the future of our young people NOW!.

Or leave it till later, and there won’t be one. Because DEC! won’t be there.


This will be continued!




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