“Let your weirdness so shine before humankind that they are dazzled by your brightness, and confounded by your insight”

– From the Chronicles of the House of Yakpff, Aenon j21.k4.e56.

I know I’m weird.

You might be too.

We see things differently.

In a world ruled by conformity, we are the rebels.


It might be my red laces.

It might be saying no when everybody else says yes.

It could be seeing a need and deciding to do something in spite of what other people say.

Wouldn’t it be boring if we all just thought the same and did all the same things?

Believing all the crap the news gives us, believing those that are in power or in leadership positions always work in our best interests?

Sometimes swimming against the stream all the time is hard work.



You doubt yourself.


Don’t give up!

We need you to be weird.

Be bright, light, and weird!


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