“M’Laud Eynon is guilty as charged.

The defendant John Eynon has been ranting on about digital transformation and Level 2, for donkeys years.

Meanwhile the UK is going to the dogs, the UN has slated it for record poverty, the rich get richer, the poor get squeezed even more, NHS in crisis, children go to school hungry, record homeless people on the streets, education under funded and teachers right up against it, elderly care going down the can and much more and Brexit has become a living nightmare which ever side you voted on. No one is happy.”

“Eynon, how do you plead?”

” Guilty M’laud, I had the very best of intentions but I now realise there are some things far more important that trying to stop an industry imploding on itself while the country itself collapses around it into anarchy.”

“The defendant please rise.

You will be taken from this place and are sentenced to 5 years hard BIM Level 2 training, delivered by the authors of BS1192:2007 and PAS 1192/2. I hope you will come to see the error of your ways.”

“Yes M’laud. Thank you M’Laud”

Exeunt left.

Blimey that was a bad dream!

“Nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition!”


PS. Never lose sight of what’s really important.

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