We LIKE your stuff…BUT we can’t put a VALUE on it…so we WON’T PAY you for it…BUT we’re more than HAPPY TO USE it…!

My dear people.

We have on one hand a wonderful industry populated with some incredibly creative ingenious and innovative people. Some of whom it has been my privilege to work with in the past and still do.

And yet…

That value that these people create is rarely properly recognised or valued.

I have a friend, he runs an innovative and successful global business.

At least  two major clients have refused to enter a commercial agreement with him, on the basis that they can’t see the value of what he does, so they won’t pay him, but behind his back they use his stuff within their businesses anyway for the benefit of their own people.



In this case they are legally within their rights to do so. But in the spirit of true collaboration and also more importantly morally, they are totally bankrupt.

Shame on them.

I wonder what their “values”, “culture” and “vision” statements actually say? Probably something about openness, collaboration, creating value, respect, integrity, and trust, “our people and ideas are our greatest asset” – Not worth the paper or flashy websites they’re written on. The usual bollocks. Sadly we’ve heard it all before.

A time of reckoning will come. Naming and shaming could well happen, but not today. Not on here. For now.

I am tired of this bullshit.

Industry leaders whether it be institutes, organisations, businesses or any other body should collectively hang their heads in shame. The creative innovators, the visionaries,  live on a constant financial knife edge and continually get treated like crap in the process. Enough. What are the leaders really doing to change our industry? To really make a difference. Or is it just preserving the age old status quo for the benefit of a select few?

At the end of yet another personally disappointing week when humankind has yet again exceeded my expectations in finding a new level to sink to, I find myself disappointed again, surprised again, but not bowed. I really should learn.

It is time for our industry to change. But our industry IS the people and it is the people that need to change.

Change in terms of behaviour, culture, values, integrity and the resulting decisions and the actions that we make and take everyday.

Change yourself now, or be changed by forces with results you may not like. Whether that be legislation, market forces, the Chinese, Google, Apple or some other Black Swan that will soon appear on your left field.

They are coming.

What will you do?

Wilco and out for now.







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