I alluded to this earlier today.


People who make change happen. Who fly high, and see further, but crash and burn occasionally.

What makes them tick? What keeps them going? Why do they do what they do?

Through the pain, rejection, seeming failure, time and time and time again.

Yet each time they rise up, more determined, stronger, bloodied but unbowed.

It is not just the built environment industry but in any walk of life.

They see a need, an injustice, a systemic failure. They stand up, take responsibility, and can visualise  a changed world, a transformed society and it fires and drives them, to do great things. To try to make a difference.

Money, fame, awards, recognition, are not even secondary. The vision of change burns. It is stamped in their DNA. It gets them out of bed everyday, to stand up after every setback.

We need more people like this to try to make a difference, to build a better world, to make a better industry.

What will you do?


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