As the year draws to a close it’s good to finally draw breath. To look back, look forward. For me 2018 has been a bit of a roller coaster. Several twists and turns along the way. Sometimes losing balance. We fall.We rise. People surprise you, disappoint you and sometimes make you glad. We die everyday. […]

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“Let your weirdness so shine before humankind that they are dazzled by your brightness, and confounded by your insight” – From the Chronicles of the House of Yakpff, Aenon j21.k4.e56. I know I’m weird. You might be too. We see things differently. In a world ruled by conformity, we are the rebels. Sometimes! It might […]

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Funny how…

…you can work with people for quite a while. Then one day something happens and it’s like you don’t know them at all. Humans! I prefer my cat Rupert. :o) J.  

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I alluded to this earlier today. Visionaries. People who make change happen. Who fly high, and see further, but crash and burn occasionally. What makes them tick? What keeps them going? Why do they do what they do? Through the pain, rejection, seeming failure, time and time and time again. Yet each time they rise […]

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