they walk among us…the zombies are here…

you see them every day…

absorbed, distracted, walking down the street, oblivious to their surroundings, some even appear to talk to themselves, complete with gestures and hand signals.

of course they’re engaged with a piece of tech. usually a smart phone which most of the time is visible but sometimes not.

so you can understand.

but soon it will change. we won’t have smartphones. it’ll be glasses or direct brain implants, or cornea/retina plug ins.

soon we will congregate on street corners, transfixed by the data we’re receiving and processing, gazing into space, another world.

the digital zombies.

it might get to the point where we don’t even leave our beds or chairs at home. I think someone has done a film about that.

a halloween post brought to you by @56JONTS.

it would be scary but its already happening. you know it.


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