Gimme a U…Gimme a K…Ra! Ra! Ra!

My my!

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun and changing an industry….!

Two years ago we launched the UK BIM Alliance,

To focus on Level 2 Business As Usual and the digital transformation of our industry.

A good thing.

And much time passed…We are still here!

We launched at DCW – Digital Construction Week

We will be there again this week launching lots of new good stuff, don’t miss out!

Our reach, influence, profile and network has grown.

We are here to stay.

We are here to change things.

We are here to change an industry.

Join us.

You know it makes sense.

When they write the history of BIM in the UK, they’ll talk about the Task Group, they’ll talk about CDBB, and they’ll talk about the work of the UK BIM Alliance. – Getting an industry to collaborate, work together for change and catalysing digital transformation for the UK to be leaders in the global information economy.

Come and meet us. Come and join us. Work with us. Take the next step.

Be there or be a pineapple, as they say.



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